• Olga Brabcová

Why should I try Behavee, what makes us different?

Updated: Jul 1

We fully understand that you may have unpleasant experiences with agencies or you’re unsure if they’re trying to lure you in with empty promises. Behavee, same as agencies will design and prepare a complete marketing strategy and take care of everything. When we say everything, we mean everything.

So, what’s so different about it?

Your only “concern” essentially will be regular consultations once a month with your dedicated marketing specialist. He will walk you through the ongoing results of campaigns he handles and carefully optimizes for you. Together you will discuss how your online store is performing and review the strategy for the next month.

Trust, but verify

We know that transparency of services is a priority for clients, which is why our clients can monitor their results from the Behavee data platform at any time. The platform is a clearer alternative to Google Analytics. You can see all your customer and sales data in real time.

We assure, you won’t misstep again

We stand behind the results of our work. To prove this, with the Performance package we offer a return-on-investment guarantee, when paying a fixed amount or paying back purely based the revenue from sales.

To find out more about paid advertising have a look at our article, What to expect with Behavee Performance.

Still not convinced?

Have a look at the prices of our other services, they’re pretty great. 😊