• Olga Brabcová

Why not/entrust marketing to the other party

Deciding to have an eshop is like deciding to have a child. You dream of it, create it and take care of it as best as you can. There will come a time when it will need to be ‘released’ into the world. The first question each parent / e-shop owner asks is: "How can you help ‘the child’ stand out among the others?" In the case of e-shop it’s definitely targeted marketing. You ask yourself the question: "Should I learn it myself or entrust marketing to an agency or freelancer?" We summarized for you objectively all the pros and cons. We objectively summarised for you all the pros and cons.

A common argument we hear is about price. "I don't earn enough to pay a pro yet." It costs time and money to learn everything about setting up and optimizing your marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, if you are a technical, creative and analytical type, you want to devote yourself to marketing for a long time and you have enough time, the reward will be that the only one you will assign marketing tasks, is yourself. No one will make the learning process easier for you. If analytics is a scarecrow for you, a clearer option than Google Analytics is the Behavee add-on, which is understandable also to beginners. You will quickly find your way in numbers and, thanks to the tools provided by the platform, you will be able to optimize your site. You can read more in the article Behavee on SEO.

Another common reason not to delegate campaigns to the other party is to lose control of the marketing campaigns. How to prevent it? Before choosing a partner who will take care of your marketing, go through the reviews, arrange a consultation, ask about everything that is not clear to you and specify your expectations and goals. It is much easier for a pro to determine in advance whether ‘your child’ is ready to make a name for himself. Otherwise, investing in advertising would not pay off. Open communication, setting realistic goals, transparency and regular informing of clients about the course of campaigns is the basis of successful cooperation.

The price of the service should include:

  • complete campaign setup

  • e-shop audit

  • regular optimization of campaigns

  • regular reporting and consultation

Tip in conclusion:

Watch your marketing specialist

No matter how trustworthy a marketer seems to be, watch the results of his work. For this purpose, use Google Analytics or a clearer and simpler Behavee add-on, in which you see the costs and revenues associated with individual campaigns. You have a constant overview of how you are doing.