• Renata Peřinová

What type of graphics you need for campaigns

You decide to start advertising, you get a pro who takes care of it, you put money into your Google ADS, Sklik and Facebook accounts. You link your advertising accounts, deploy codes, agree on advertising conditions. Then you receive a task from the PPC specialist: "Please send me the graphics…" What now? What assignment should I give to my graphic designer? Can I use some graphics I already have? Do I need all the formats? What exactly is responsive advertising? There are many questions. Let's sum it up.

In Google ADS and Sklik, campaigns are deployed on the search and content networks. You don't need images for the search network yet, so this chapter is about content. Each channel (Google ADS, SKLIK, Facebook and Instagram) requires something different and offers different graphics options.


It’s the most suitable tool for acquiring new visitors and remarketing.

The advantage of Facebook ads is that it offers more space for text, so it is sufficient to use only a short slogan or headline in the banner. Text and images may rotate during advertising, so you'll be able to convey a lot of information.

Hint: We recommend using an interesting image, short text and a logo in the banner. The remaining text will be added when creating the ad. From the beginning, we recommend at least 3 graphics.

Specifications for Facebook: square format, resolution at least 1080x1080 pixels, PNG or JPG, reasonable data size


They are suitable for remarketing and content advertising

Their purpose is to acquire new customers, support the brand and re-address customers. The banner must contain the logo and title. I chose the TOP 5 sizes from the many supported.

Specification for Google ADS: maximum data size 150 kB, JPG or PNG

Dimensions: 300x250, 728x90, 300x600

Responsive advertising

Suitable for remarketing and content advertising.

The most effective for repeat purchases and to convince those who have not made a purchase. These are images without text and logo, which are inserted separately. Photos of the products or services you offer are best suited for this purpose.

Logo: any square and rectangular format

Photos: at least 300 x 300 square and at least 600 x 314 rectangle

Tip at the end

Don't have anyone for graphics? Contact us and we will help you with it.