• Renata Peřinová

What to set before starting campaigns

Many beginning business owners don't even know how many settings are needed before running marketing campaigns. Someone is even frightened and prefers to postpone the advertisement indefinitely. But of course, that’s a shame. We briefly summarized everything that needs to be set up on certain channels for you.


  • Set up your Wallet and fill out your billing and payment information

  • Fill in the Company Profile

  • Deploy the Retargeting Code to measure visits

  • Create Retargeting Lists

In case of an e-shop:

  • Deploy the Conversion Tracking Code

  • Create a profile on Zboží.cz

  • Deploy feed to Zboží.cz

  • Connect Sklik and Zboží.cz to create Product Campaigns

Google ADS

  • Fill in billing and payment details

  • Deploy traffic and conversion tags to Google

  • Create an Audience

In case of an e-shop:

  • Create a company profile in the Merchant Center and insert the source from which the products will be drawn

  • Connect Merchant Center and Google ADS

Facebook and Instagram

  • Add a credit card to your ad account and fill out your billing information

  • Create a Facebook pixel and deploy it to the website

  • Verify domain

  • Create User Circles

Hint at the end

If you are unsure, we will be happy to help you set up and link your accounts. Contact us.


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