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What to expect with Behavee Tools?

The Behavee Tools package is an optimal combination of analytical, SEO and UX tools, thanks to which you can monitor customer behaviour on your website and fixup minor flaws that prevent your sales. In addition, you can see all data in real time on one clear platform, allowing you to easily provide access to colleagues or externalists.

  • Heatmaps show where your customers are looking the most

  • Session recordings allow you to monitor every movement of their mouse

  • A/B testing test the effectiveness of certain buttons or campaign versions

  • Detailed analytics will reveal everything about your customers

  • Benchmarks compare your website to your competitors

  • Customer segmentation allows you to better target your ads

  • The integration with Google and Facebook platforms simplifies the evaluation of the return from campaigns and discovering which channels work best for you

  • Maffiliate.me makes it easier for customers to share experiences and recommend your products

  • The SEO tool, will help get your website to the top of search engines


Heatmaps record all the performed actions of your visitors. Allowing you to reveal the movement of your visitors, where they click, or where they lack scrolling.

A/B testing

A/B testing allows you to compare various versions of a same page or individual elements, such as buttons, texts, or graphics, to see which version works best and generates more sales.

Session recording

Session recordings, record the visits of each individual visitor. From the recordings you can track all the mouse movements, pages that were visited as well as any hesitation.


Thanks to Segmentation, you will see data from the perspective of a specific group of visitors. Inspect your website visitors behavior thanks to the heat map or how much time mobile users spend on the website. This means you can now target your ads to specific groups individually and achieve even better results.

Integration with Google and Facebook

This integration will easily and very significantly help you evaluate the return on investment in your campaigns. Thanks to the integration, you will find out which channels work for you and with the right targeting increase their success.


Is an entirely new channel. It makes it easy for your customers to share experiences and recommend products. In addition, they earn something. It’s so easy, that anyone can do it and it only takes a few seconds.

SEO tool

The SEO tool reveals any shortcomings that prevent your website from getting to the top of the search engines.


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