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What to expect with Behavee Performance?

Updated: Apr 19

You will love the Behavee Performance package, if you don’t want to worry about marketing and appreciate an individual approach from marketing specialists that will design and prepare a complete marketing strategy.

Increase your sales and conversions with online ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram. We setup and manage your campaigns for you. It’s up to you which option you prefer.

Which option to choose from?

Fix with a guarantee of return on investment

The easiest is to explain on an example. Each month you pay £340 for the Performance package and invest a minimum of £1,000 into advertising. If the ad campaigns don’t earn you after 3 months a minimum of £4,500 in revenue back, we will refund you £350 for our services.

* The minimum required monthly investment into advertising channels in order to use the Behavee services is £1,000. This amount doesn’t include the price for the Behavee Package.

Based on the revenue with a retrospective payment of 7% from the revenue

The main advantage is not having to pay a fixed amount. This „saved” cost allows you to invest it directly into advertising. There are no payments in advance. Our remuneration is calculated based on the sales we earn for you. We want to prove to you that we entirely take on the responsibility for the results of campaigns.

* 7% from sales exclusive of VAT and shipping.

The better you do, the better we do.

Getting started with Behavee

1. Instal for free the Behavee plug-in and register to the platform. This will allow you to receive access to clear statistics of campaigns in the Behavee platform.

2. In the platform pay for the selected Behavee service, Behavee Performance package. By selecting Performance Fix, you pay £340 incl. VAT. With the Performance based on revenue, you pay £1.

3. You will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to connect your advertising accounts with Behavee. If you encounter any trouble, we will help completing the setup during the initial consultation.

4. During the consultation, we will clarify any expectations and goals of campaigns in order to develop the ideal solution for you.

5. We will create a set of advertising and remarketing campaigns as recommended (Google, Facebook and Instagram). We regularly monitor campaigns and modify their settings to achieve the best results.

6. In the course of the campaigns, you can check their success in the Behavee portal, we will sum-up and discuss the results during a regular monthly consultation.

During the cooperation you have access to the Behavee platform, there you can use any UX tools. In addition to the package, you can order a detailed SEO or UX analysis. You can find out more about these services in our articles Behavee and SEO and Behavee and UX.


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