• Olga Brabcová

What to expect with Behavee Analytics?

You will automatically receive full access to Behavee Analytics by signing up to the Behavee platform. You will be provided with a walk-through of the platform for free and receive an overview of users' behaviour on your website, along with the opportunity to monitor the progress of ordered campaigns.

Benefit from the clear analytics and other benefits included in the package.

Website analytics and product attractivity

  • Reveal, which products draw the highest interest

  • Ability to effectively target products

  • Measure the channels success

  • Learn everything about your customers

Using the Customer profile and Traffic tabs, monitor the movement of your customers, as well as your sales.

Marketing services

  • We’ll get your website to the top of the search engines

  • Campaigns on Google, Facebook or Instagram

  • Campaign management and results overview

In the Service tab, order a consultation with our marketing specialist, analyses such as SEO or UX or the full package Performance service.

In the Campaigns tab, you can create one-time campaigns for a specific product, category or your entire online store.

Are you using basic analytics already? Are you aware people visit your e-shop but don't buy the products? Then read the article about Behavee Tools, which provides practical tools to help you optimize your website for both customers and search engines.