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What to expect from Maffiliate.me for e-shops

Imagine a program where customers themselves can contribute to increasing your sales. Maffiliate.me turns visitors and loyal customers into your own sales network. By using Maffiliate.me and its simple settings, you can increase your companies sales and out perform the competition.

What is Maffiliate?

Maffiliate is a new marketing channel from Behavee. Customers can easily recommend your products through, sharing via social networks, and communication channels to their friends for a reward. It's a matter of a few seconds and anyone can do this directly from your e-shop.

How it works?

If someone buys through the shared link, they will receive a percentage commission from the purchase, which you set yourself in your Behavee portal.

With Maffiliate.me you will be more visible, you'll grow sales and attract new customers without external advertising costs - you pay only when you sell. The customer's motivation to recommend is the overall financial reward.

The more your customer earns, the more you sell

How to set it up?

Its deployment is a matter of minutes and just a few clicks. Start Maffiliate.me in the Behvee portal and choose the amount of commission for customers that you want them to receive for the successful sale of recommended goods.

And that's it :)

After you start Maffiliate, a small Maffiliate icon will appear on your website, allowing you to create and share a link to the product.


See what Maffiliate.me looks on one of our clients website.

What does your customer need to do?

  • Find the goods they want to recommend

  • Click on the Maffiliate.me icon

  • Generate a link upon clicking

  • Shares the link between friends and family

  • When someone makes a purchase through a link, they earn a commission and give you a new customer

After logging in to Maffiliate.me, it tracks, views and purchases from its links. After reaching a reward of CZK 500, the influencer can have it paid out.


For the first 100 customers who activate Maffiliate, the product is free.

Special Offer

Get the Behavee Tools package with the Maffiliate program for half price - CZK 495 / month and for the first 6 months the price will stay at CZK 495 / month.

How to pay for Maffiliate services?

Each e-shop chooses the amount of commission for the influencer. We take a fifth of the brokerage commission. Only after a successful sale, we will credit the rest to your customer's account.

At the beginning of each month you pay only one invoice for the amount corresponding to the percentage of the goods sold. You don't have to worry about anything else.

The commission is calculated from the price without VAT, to which 21% VAT is added when invoicing, even if the recommended and sold goods had a different VAT.


Via Maffiliate.me you sell goods for CZK 100,000 without VAT. You have a commission set at 10%. So you pay an invoice for the amount of 10,000 CZK + 21% VAT.

How to provide Maffiliate.me to your customers?

We will help you reach customers. You will be able to download the package with information about the Maffiliate.me program which contains:

  • An informational page you can place on your website and share as needed with your customers and fans

  • Maffiliate.me banner to place on the homepage of your website to alert your customers for the possibility of sharing

  • Newsletter design for customers, including pictures and videos, etc.


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