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Use case: How Levnoshop had to move to a bigger warehouse thanks to Behavee

Updated: Feb 25

The cooperation with the 1-year-old online store began in October 2020. The owner was conscious of the untapped potential of online marketing. He wanted to have a better understanding of the customer’s behaviour on his website and of course increase his revenue.

Course of cooperation

In order to setup a successful strategy, it is important to understand what brings the client to us. In terms of his requirements and expectations. We often emphasize on frequent, open communication and flexible response to his needs. We provided access to the Behavee portal, allowing them to monitor the ongoing results of the setup campaigns.

About the client

The idea of wasting products that are no longer profitable led the owner to establish the Levno (English meaning - cheap) online store. Levnoshop.cz focuses on selling goods from the oversupply of sellers and offers it for a very reasonable price.

The goal of cooperation

After the initial consultation, we defined 3 fundamental points that required change:

  • Untapped potential of performance marketing

  • Lack of extraction from existing marketing data

  • Absence of clear strategy on individual online marketing channels

The client’s only request was to increase the growth whilst maintaining their current costs (keeping their PNO below 20%).

The road to results

First things first we had to find the most suitable channels. In this case it was Facebook, PPC and display campaigns. Levnoshop.cz sells various products. At first, this caused us problems because Facebook rejected the promotion of hundreds of products. After discussion with our Facebook account manager, we were able to quickly resolve this problem.

Delivered services:

  • Collecting and analysing customer data

  • Performance campaigns

  • Optimization of online channels

  • Creation of online strategy

The results of our cooperation

Thanks to combining good products with quality online marketing, we managed to increase the average monthly sales from 1 million to 2 million in one months' time. The client was satisfied not just by the expected analytical approach but also with the personal one, which plays a key role in the cooperation.

Further development

Our goal in the ongoing cooperation is to enhance the position of the Levno brand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and support its continuous growth. We want to cover all possible channels and by doing so double their annual sales.

Client’s view

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