• Olga Brabcová

How long does the shared Maffiliate.me link last

We are often asked what the validity of a shared link through Maffiliate.me is. So let's explain it.

  1. Maffiliate.me link is always active and for everyone i.e. if it is clicked by a person other than the one for whom it was primarily intended, he can also use it.

  2. If anyone (from registered referrers) clicks through the shared link to the e-shop, they can browse the site for any length of time.

  3. If you close the site, it must in any way (via a search engine, direct link, etc.) within 30 minutes return to be credited to the sharing commission.

  4. After this 30 minutes session, it is necessary to click on the site again via a shared link.

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