• Olga Brabcová

Case study: How we increased sales of the e-shop with Christmas decorations by 326%

The restriction of operation in the local shop forced Irisa, the manufacturer from Vsetín, as well as many other companies, to turn their offline shop to online business. Attempts in self-advertising were not so successful that Czech production could withstand the pressure of external suppliers.

About the company

Irisa offers a wide selection of high quality, classic and fashionable glass Christmas decorations of various shapes. Hand-decorated and painted. They process thematic collections for each Christmas. At present, the company has 15 000 patterns for decors on balls, ovals and spikes and 900 pieces for molds with figural themes. 90% of production goes to US and EU countries. 58 employees are involved in production.


The restrictions of the sale by the government created the need to cover the loss of income from the offline shop. But the set campaigns were not successful. They decided to seek professional help. The Behavee webinar and our personal approach during the consultation convinced them to entrust marketing to us.

Path to success

The client originally did the marketing by himself with a budget of CZK 10,000 per month. From the beginning we decided to stay with that. As a first step, we analyzed existing campaigns, set up basic funnels and remarketing. After 3 weeks of testing our hypotheses, we launched campaigns with monthly costs of CZK 30,000-40,000 per month. We focused on Google and Facebook platforms. With the right targeting and Facebook competitions, we have achieved even better results.

Results of our cooperation

Compared to the previous year, with online marketing Irisa's sales increased by 326 %. Website traffic increased by 140 %. The transition from offline shop to an online service brought not only a help, but even opportunities for a further growth. Thanks to the results, the client gained the motivation to expand the range with off-season products.

The client's view

I can only recommend BEHAVEE. I must say that I was very happy for your help. When we put together the campaigns, it was great cooperation and quick reactions from Behavee. It was great thanks to the professional and a constructive approach. Really great service.

Vlastimil Jiřička IRISA, worker cooperative

Tip for you

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