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Case study: How we helped Maxima Real Estate pass their crisis thanks to campaigns

Our cooperation with Maxima real estate launched in March 2020. The company was facing the initial impacts associated with Covid-19. Despite all their efforts of putting together successful online marketing, the company has been experiencing its untapped potential. The task was obvious. Manage the current ongoing crisis, boost their online marketing, provide accurate measuring of results and therefore help the company in their growth.

About the company

Maxima Real Estate is a Czech real estate agency providing a full range of services in the sale and lease of properties. In the 22 years of its existence, it has assisted over 53 000 clients. Maxima has long focused on developing innovative services in the area of real estate sales and leases, which increase the standard of the Czech real estate market.

Previous issues

Maxima’s marketing wasn’t in the best shape. Lacking the measuring of campaign conversions, user's data, and performance campaigns. Marketing services were gradually provided by up to three different agencies. However, the objectives were not met and the cooperation didn’t bring any improvement. The impersonal approach of the agencies account management didn’t go hand in hand with their sales targets, which caused hundreds of thousands in monthly losses. Up to 80% of the cost was utilized for offline marketing and only 20% for online marketing.

  • Expensive price per potential client brought by prior agencies

  • Untapped potential of online channels

  • Lack of agencies focus on higher conversion leads and business goals of the client (sales)

  • High investments into offline marketing without the facility of measuring results

Understanding is the key

We had several discussions and together set the goals and expectations. At first, they entrusted us with UX and data analyses. Their website immediately became clear, functional and capable of sales. We involved the whole team and responded quickly to Maxima’s feedback. By doing so, we gradually took over their entire online marketing. We started to receive the first positive results in the second month of cooperation. The client appreciated our regular and clear reports, which ensured him of the precision of our team’s new strategy.


We immediately placed the Behavee script, allowing us to make full use of our analytical tools and went forward with a detailed data analysis. Our Behavee tools also provided us with insight for improvement of the website’s UX as a way to increase conversions.

Unlike previous agencies, we have used the full potential, moving our focus to collecting sales leads. As a result, reaching a much higher conversion advantage.

We focused on the most relevant advertisement channel, being Google PPC and launched it to the fullest. We gradually fine-tuned it and added Sklik. Thanks to our success, we have quickly expanded our activity apart from their main website, as well as to several associated brands.


Thanks to the optimization of online marketing, Maxima got to be in the black. Their online marketing budget remains almost the same, but brings equal results as their offline and online marketing before, combined. We managed to overcome the crisis, establish a stable online marketing, providing space for further activities. In addition, the owner of the company pull away from everyday micro management and refocus his energy to other projects.

  • 51% increase in estimated leads* (comparison of January, February, March and April)

  • 68% increase in sales leads** (comparison of January, February, March vs April. May and June

  • 90 % of revenue from online marketing with Maxima in profit

* A visitor to maxima.cz website wants to find out the estimate price of his property.

** A visitor to maxima.cz website wants to sell his property.

Further progress

Remaining solely with the optimization of the performance channels would be a strategic mistake. We are working towards further parts of marketing and support their growth through data. Our next step is to help Maxima with rebranding and UX optimization.

Client’s view

„Behavee has demonstrated a great human and professional approach. We made all decisions to strengthen the performance based on data, not emotions. Currently we are practically living off only online marketing. The results completely exceeded my expectations. I can highly recommend to everyone cooperation with Behavee.“

Vladimír Zuzák, CEO, maxima.cz

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