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Behavee and UX

Updated: Feb 2

Are you wondering if your website is clear and concise? Are your customers leaving without any activity? Do you lack an expert opinion of an externalist? Behavee offers 3 solutions how to tackle all UX weaknesses of your website:

  1. Order a full UX analysis from our specialists

  2. Make use of the UX tools with the Tools package

Thanks to the UX tools and analysis available in Behavee, discover the weak points of your website in order to optimise them for your customers.

A complete UX analysis

We will conduct an analysis of the user experience of your website in relation to its logic, design, usability, clarity and reliability. Specifically, concerning unsuitable texts, missing logos, poor visual sequence of the page, inconvenient ordering steps, usage of different button designs, etc.

Every website varies in structure, content and goals. That is why we approach each page individually and examine it from the customers point of view.

The entire analysis will be summarized in a detailed report and supplemented with a list of specific actions that will help you improve the customer experience. Any questions regarding the report will be answered by a UX specialist.

How to order a UX analysis

Order it in the Behavee portal.

UX tools

Utilize the individual Behavee UX tools and shed some light on the behaviour of customers on your website. Heatmaps will reveal in detail where your visitors no longer scroll as well as, where they click the most. Thanks to A/B testing, you are able to decide on your graphics, fonts, or buttons that work best for your customers. And if you’d like to see every mouse movement, you’ll enjoy the Session recording tool, with which you can track individual customer visits from start to end.

All UX tools are available from the Behavee Tools package, higher.

How to order Behavee Tools

Order it on our website or after logging into the Behavee portal.


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