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Behavee and SEO

Updated: Feb 2

People may be searching for your product or service, but are unable to find you. You are simply not visible on the top of the search, but you’d like to be seen? Behavee can help you acquire higher traffic in search engines in several ways:

  1. A complete SEO analysis

  2. Behavee Tools package, that includes SEO tool

What you achieve with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Discover complications and friction points

  • Gain new customers

  • Increase your revenue

  • Rank higher in search engines

A complete SEO analysis

Did you ever consider that the only thing standing in the way of your site's performance is an effective SEO? You can order a stand-alone SEO analysis as a Behavee marketing service.

How does it work

  • An analysis from ground up

  • Everything summarized in a clear report

  • During a consultation we will go through the entire report with you, so that you know what changes need to be incorporated on your site in order to achieve the best SEO results.

To start with, we will create a keyword analysis that will reveal us the key search terms that appear on yours and your competitor's website. We’ll then review the usage of those keywords and provide content suggestions that should be placed on your site.

In addition to your site's optimization, we will also review your on-page SEO factors, specifically technical deviations that may be commonly penalized by search engines. Further we will test the site’s speed and security and provide an overview of your site’s performance compared to your competitors in building an off-page SEO or backlinks to your website.

What are the results

  • Higher ranking of your website in search engines

  • New customers

  • Increased revenue

  • Identifying key opportunities

How to order a SEO analysis?

You can order it on our website or after logging into the Behavee portal.

Behavee Tools with SEO tools

The SEO tool is part of the analytical tools along with heatmaps, session recordings or A/B testing. You can use these tools yourself in the Behavee portal to reveal minor defects, that could rapidly set back your e-shop. All analytical tools are included in the Behavee Tools package.

The Behavee Tools package is an optimal combination of analytical, SEO and UX tools that help you optimize your website for customers and search engines. Customer data is visible in real time and you can share them with your colleagues.

How the SEO tool works

With this tool, you can analyse your website or any page on the internet. Simply enter the website address in the field below and select the analysis method. Behavee uses an integrated SEO tool, that crosschecks whether your site is in good technical shape and if nothing is preventing your site from being placed in the top positions.

Behavee Tools includes everything that Behavee Analytics comes with, plus:

  • UX tools, such as heatmaps or A/B testing

  • Behaviour recordings of your customers on your site

  • SEO tools, that reveal the weaknesses of your website

  • Analytical tools

  • The option of creating your own campaigns

  • Multiple user access

How to order Behavee Tools

You can order it on our website or after logging into the Behavee portal.


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