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Start earning money through recommendations 

Increase your sales, gain customers and increase the visibility of your online store. Maffiliate makes it all possible. 


I want customers to keep recommending my products 

Maffiliate is a unique way to turn your customers into "micro influencers". We give everyone who likes your product the opportunity to pass the message on and make a little extra money. 

You can activate Maffiliate in the Behavee portal and set how much margin you are willing to share with influencers. That's it!


This service is currently only available for the Shoptet platform. We are working intensively on the possibility of connecting other platforms. 

How to set up a Maffiliate


Activate Maffiliate 

Maffiliate is easily activated with one click via the Behavee platform. 


Set commission 

Within Behavee, you set up a commission from which we take a 20% fee. The remaining percentage will show up on your website. 


Track your earnings 

Through the Behavee platform you can keep track of all the interesting results that Maffiliate contributes to. 

What does the customer need to do? 

The customer registers in the customer area on and can immediately start sharing products from your store. 

When someone makes a purchase through his or her link, he or she receives a cash reward in the amount you set when you activated it.  


We take care of all transactions ourselves; your only concern is paying one invoice. 


Deploy Maffiliate on your online store today 

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