Do I have to order a package for a definite period (e.g. 1 year) and enter a contract?

No, with us you do not have to commit to anything. You will have full access to all of our tools and services for as long as you are paying for the package.

When and how do I pay for the individual packages?

The monthly payment is via credit card directly through the Behavee portal. By the use of automatic recurring payments, the package is paid for in advance every month in the case of the Tools and Performance packages with a fixed payment. The Performance package with a percentage payment is paid retrospectively for the past month.

How quickly do I start earning money after purchasing the package?

With most of our clients, for which we handle their advertisement (which means they have Behavee Performance or Pro), we are able to start earning already within the first month.

How does the money back guarantee work?

If you entrust us with your advertisement and we do not earn you within 3 months for each invested CZK at least 1.5 times back, we will refund all your money for our services. For example, if you are using Behavee Performance: You pay £1,020 for the package and invest £3,000 for advertisement in 3 months on Facebook and Google. If the advertisements do not earn you the minimum of £4,500 in revenue back, we will refund you £350.

Why is there no guarantee for the packages Behavee Analytics and Behavee Tools?

The packages Behavee Analytics is entirely for free and the data provides a base for any marketing through Behavee. Behavee Analytics and Behavee tools are packages with tools, however you use or do not use, is entirely up to you and we cannot guarantee the results. Alternately, with Behavee Performance you receive both tools and services from our marketing specialists, that will create and set-up your campaigns. There we are responsible for the results and able to provide a guarantee.

What can I expect, if I decide for the package Behavee Performance?

First and foremost you will have available a marketing specialist, who will take care of your sales, re-marketing and possibly also brand campaigns on chosen platforms in a way that will increase your revenue. You will have a transparent overview thanks to a monthly consultation with them and a full access to analytics and other tools within your Behavee account.

How much time and attention to marketing do I have to give if I decide for the Performance package?

1 hour a month, during which your personal marketing specialist will summarise the results of your campaigns and together agree on a strategy for the next one.

For which platforms does Behavee usually create campaigns? Where am I able to see them?

We do campaigns primarily on Google, Facebook and Instagram, Linkedin, Bing and Youtube.

What kind of advertisements will you use for my website?

We primarily rely on programmatic campaigns – we dynamically create an advertisement for each product along with re-marketing. We then combine these campaigns with content and search advertising.

What kind of return of investment can I expect for advertisements on Google or Facebook?

With the package Behavee Performance we reach on average a return of £3-6 for every £1 invested in advertising. With the package Behavee Pro it is on average £4-8 for every £1 invested.

How is it possible that Behavee marketing services are so affordable?

We can afford a lower price than the market thanks to our own technology. That allows our marketing team to deliver reliable results in a fraction of the time. Thanks to Behavee we have all the necessary functionalities in one place.

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