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For e-shop owners who want to make money with online marketing and have everything in one place.

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Overview of all sales and marketing costs

Revenues and costs

In the Behavee platform, you'll see everything together. It's easy to see where your visitors are coming from, or if Facebook campaigns are making you more money than emailing.

If this wasn’t enough, you can automatically download marketing costs from Facebook and Google Ads and manually add more.


Behavior of visitors

Wondering how people move around your site? What discourages more than half of them from completing their purchase? Then look at it!

Thanks to our heatmaps and videos of the visitors' screen, this is no problem.

Detailed analytics

Behavee is, among other things, the Czech and clearer alternative to Google Analytics. Are you unfamiliar with "GA" and still want to know how your website is performing? Behavee Tools will show you this easily and clearly.


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What is the price for the Behavee Tools platform?

An hour for a quality marketing consultant on the market starts around a thousand CZK.


How about getting someone, you can rely on for a whole month for the same price?

£33 / month

Including VAT

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Turn your customers into influencers. The more the customer earns, the more you earn!

 80 e-shops installed

Online marketing management

We do campaigns on Google, Facebook and Seznam, merchandise, SEO and UX analysis.

We have 55 clients