Behavee Performance

£340 or 7 % per month

Behavee Performance is a great way to increase sales and conversions with online advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram, and only pay according to how much we earn you.

The package contains everything in Behavee Tools plus:

  • A set of sales and remarketing campaigns

  • Setting up tracking codes and accounts for advertising

  • Support and monthly consultation on results

  • Analytical, SEO and UX tools in Behavee Tools

  • Share payment or money back guarantee

How Behavee Performance pricing works?


I invest up to £1,000 into online advertising


per month

If your monthly investment is no more than £1,000* in advertising, we have a fixed rate for you with money back guarantee.

According to revenues

I invest more than £1,000 into online advertising

7 %

per month from revenue brought by Behavee

If your investment exceeds £1,000 per month into online media, share with us by a percentage of what we actually earn for you.

* The minimum required monthly investment into advertising platforms in order to use Behavee services is £500. This amount doesn’t include the price of the Performance package.

What Behavee Performance can do?

Set of marketing campaigns


Start earning with campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram. 

Accounts set-up 

Get tracking codes and ad accounts set-up for instant insight. 

Full time support


Discuss your results during monthly consultations or turn to our support.  

UX tools


Engage your customers behaviour using session recordings, heatmaps and A/B testing.

SEO tools

Reveal the weaknesses of your website and move it to the top positions in search engines   

Unlimited access


Enable anyone access to data and tools or receive the results via e-mail.  

Website Analytics 


Overview of your customers and revenue in real-time all on one synoptic platform. 

Product Attractiveness

Algorithms will recommend products with the highest sales potential for future campaigns. 



Compare the visiting rate, revenue or number of abandoned baskets with your competitors. 

We recommend a minimum monthly advertising budget of £1,000, then we can fully optimize your campaigns and guarantee the required return.


Advertising campaigns generate profit for you, but would you like to start building your brand and long-term marketing? Then our highest package is ideal for you.

How does the Behavee Guarantee work?

If you buy the package, entrust your ads to us and we do not bring you at least £1.5 back for every £1 invested in 3 months, we will refund your money for our services.