Behavee Analytics 


Behavee is a reliable alternative to the conventional Google Analytics. All your data is neatly organized in one platform and visible in real-time, along with the conversion information.

This package is free and includes:

  • Website analytics on one neatly organized platform 

  • Comparision of your e-shop with market competitors

  • Filtration of products with highest sales potential 


What Behavee Analytics can do?

Website Analytics 


Overview of your customers and revenue in real-time all on one synoptic platform. 

Product Attractiveness

Algorithms will recommend products with the highest sales potential for future campaigns. 



Compare the visiting rate, revenue or number of abandoned baskets with your competitors. 

Behavee Analytics is a tool to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your online project. You can further develop it with your own marketing activities or detailed SEO analysis and a one-time sales campaign from our marketing specialists.


You already have basic analytics. Do you know why visitors don't convert? Then the Behavee Tools package with practical UX tools comes in handy.

How does the Behavee Guarantee work?

If you buy the package, entrust your ads to us and we do not bring you at least £1.5 back for every £1 invested in 3 months, we will refund your money for our services.


Applies to Performance & All in One solutions only