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Get rid of your marketing worries

Behavee is a simple solution for your entire marketing and online business.

Strike out your entire marketing to-do list. Whether you want to handle your own marketing with the tools available in Behavee or entrust your entire marketing to us.


Want to handle your own marketing

If you manage your marketing yourself or have a team to do so, you will enjoy these packages:


Analytics  |  Tools


Don’t want anything to do with marketing

You can entrust your entire marketing to us. Choose from these packages:

Performance  |  Profi

Incredible results and money back guarantee


Money back Guarantee

If you decide for the Performance package and we do not earn you at least 1.5 times of what you have invested in your advertisement budget within 3 months, we will refund you 350£.

+ 30 %

Revenue boost

- 40 %

Cost saving

95 %

Time saving

Average results we have reached with our clients. Start immediately, thanks to our guarantee you won’t lose money

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Our satisfied clients are saying


“To me it is much clearer than Google Analytics. When I wanted an advertisement they set it up in a way that within a week I had a great turnover!”


Behavee Packages

You are just one step away from profit-making online marketing.

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Behavee Analytics

Discover how your website works


A clearer alternative to Google Analytics for everyone.

Our support is here for you every working day.

Behavee Analytics

Behavee Tools


with VAT per month

Handle your own marketing


UX and SEO tools in one platform


Heatmaps, session recording, A/B testing,

SEO tool and more.

Behavee Tools

Behavee Performance

£340 / 7 %

with VAT per month

Entrust your e-commerce

marketing to us


Managing your online campaigns


Let us handle your 

revenue from Facebook and Google, hassle free.

Behavee Pro


Large e-commerce or lead generation websites

Custom proposal

Package for clients with specific needs.


e-mailing or marketing data analysis

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Behavee Pro for bigger projects

Looking for more? Are you a big corporation or company with special needs that requires tailor-made services? Get Behavee Pro to receive the comprehensive service of an agency for a fraction of the price and join the ranks of our satisfied clients like: